Light Loop Games

Light Loop Games

I started an indie game development company!

I started Light Loop Games (LLG) back in 2018 with the idea that I wanted to continue working on games in an official capacity after college. Also because I found out the hard way that not creating a company and having contracts in place before hiring people or starting to work on something doesn’t always pan out.

I met a lawyer who was local to Raleigh, NC and hired him to help me create all the documents needed to form an LLC. Once that was completed I had everything I needed to get started, contracts, IP agreements, etc. I also had to register my business to get a EIN for employers and a business bank account. All of that was more work than what I had initially thought it would be but of course it was all for the best.

The first thing I wanted to do with LLG was to get our final project game, Above: The Fallen launched on Steam. Our group worked out all the percentages and everyone signed contracts so that LLG would hold the IP making it a LLG’s first shipped title. That made it a bit easier since the game was pretty much complete and the group had all moved on after graduation.

I eventually hired an artist to create a logo/set of logos and ended up using Fiver to have it turned into an animated opening. It came out amazing!

(!Warning! Its loud!)

Shortly after I went on to create another project under the LLG flag which I’ll share in another post.

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