Neon Knights: Mech Fighter

Neon Knights: Mech Fighter

I participated in my first Ludum Dare game jam ( recently and we were able to complete most of a pretty cool idea we came up with. Neon Knights: Mech Fighter is an 80’s inspired, 2D arena styled game where players pilot Mechs and must battle each other to win 2 out of 3 rounds in a match. While we didn’t quite get as far as we had originally planned we are still pretty proud of the final outcome. In just 72 hours, with 4 team members, we created a game full of neat mechanics and gave them all quite a bit of polish.

I worked on both the design and did most of the programming. Getting our physics based 2D player controllers correct was probably one of the most difficult parts of the whole project. Getting the controls, jumping, flying and the collisions to feel right took several hours. When we got our art/animations in from Spine it was also a struggle to implement the animations in a way that would allow them to work correctly with the state machine player controllers. I ended up teaching myself about delegates in C# in order to complete this part so I’m happy to have learned something new and useful.

I’m planning on continuing development with several changes to the main idea. I would like to add a single player/Co-op campaign mode and still have the arena style game as an additional mode.

You can play the browser version of this game by selecting the following link:

If you prefer to download the .exe you can download it here:

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