Week 12 and 13

Week 12 and 13

So it’s been a bit since I’ve last posted an update on our progress with Above. We had spring break a couple of weeks ago and we’ve sort of been playing catch-up ever since. Most of the work we’ve been doing has been fixing bugs. There were (and still are) a lot so we’ve been pretty dedicated to smoothing them out as best as we can, as quickly as we can. Visually there isn’t a lot of new material to cover but next week we should have our boss, the Night King, put into the game. We did get audio working again by removing the Wwise integration that was causing us too many additional issues to deal with at the moment. We’ll now have to manually code in all the sound effects and music but that’s better than not having any audio at all. So long as everything goes well in the next few days we’ll be launching our Steam Greenlight campaign this coming Monday so if you’re following me on Facebook or Twitter and don’t mind helping us out we could use all the likes, shares and re-tweets we can get. If you have a Steam account you can ‘Yes’ vote Above: The Fallen and that would be even better.

I made a quick play through video to show off the progress we’ve made for this week. There wasn’t too much to show as mostly all the work has been dealing with bugs but it’s here if you’d like to watch it:

Specifically, over the past couple of weeks what I’ve been working on has been pretty much non stop bug fixes. The only other thing I did was hook up the monkey animations which took some time but hasn’t required any additional work since. Here’s a list of bugs that I’ve fixed, I’ve only included them to show the scope of the work I’ve completed, they may or may not make sense as you read through them.

  • The game started without pressing a button.
  • Reduce the death transition time.
  • Level 1 player jumped off right side of map and fell infinitely (when tried to load save was still falling instead of starting on checkpoint).
  • Tutorial, Very long tutorial (suggestion to shorten it or smooth transition to level 1)
  • Can’t use clone while on standing switch.
  • Rain can be “outrun”. If player travels above screen height of where rain spawns they can see the top of it.
  • Back out of menus with B on controller.
  • New character prefabs aren’t flipping upside down correctly during anti gravity
  • Monkey needs to be respawned at original position instead of destroyed after death when being whispered.
  • When one character is standing on top of a metal one way platform and the other character starts to travel through it. The standing character is then detected as InAir.
  • Increase particle kill trigger area on fan platforms
  • Level 6, throw box needs a move back to original pos script
  • Magnetic attraction could use a delay for after climbing, same as male sprint/slam
  • When the pop up text fades out it flickers.
  • Characters bounce while riding a moving platform down
  • Level 3 level loader broken
  • Level 8 level loader broken
  • Level 3, top one way platforms near exit hard to reach
  • Level 3, Background blocks inside temple thing need to be stripped of components
  • Level 3, Crushable blocks need to be swapped with gen 3 versions
  • Need to disable character movement when camera zoom to object is playing
  • Level 1, Move door to top section to the right.
  • Level 3, Vines near exit are behind background block.

All of these issues have been fixed (thankfully) but there are still quite a few issues on our list and I’m guessing we’ll continue to find more as we polish up the game in this last month of development.

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