Resonance was created for Global Game Jam 2017 for the theme Waves.

Your body is made out of sound waves. You can defeat enemies by matching their natural resonance, but mainly you’re just slaughtering wine glasses because they’re in the way.

My 2nd Global Game Jam experience was much better than the first. Like last year, I decided to work in a small group which allowed us to communicate our thoughts easily because a discussion wasn’t needed for every single decision. I believe that my additional year of experience working in Unity and my team mates experience is what made this year so much better. The game got finished in the end (with several bugs of course) but I think it could have went a little better. Pushing myself to continue working through the second night and not sleeping was a poor decision. I found that for several hours I was unable to work at my peak and since all 3 team members did the same the game probably suffered for it. For that lesson, I am grateful.

You can play the browser version of this game by selecting the following link:

If you prefer to download the .exe you can download it here or from the Global Game Jam site directly:

There is a bug in this HTML5 build that makes it so that you can’t hear the player or enemies tones. It’s still playable, just match the visual wave patterns and you’ll be able to defeat the enemies.

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