A Quick Look Into Unity For Beginners

A Quick Look Into Unity For Beginners


There are currently hundreds of game engines available but how would someone know which one is the best for a developer who is just starting out? I’d like to take the time and explain why Unity makes learning game development very easy. Unity was released in 2005 and as with any thing that’s been kicking around for that long there has been a massive community built around it. This means that any issues that a developer may run into have more than likely already been resolved by many others. Unity also gives everyone free access to their Asset Store. Within the store lies thousands of pre-built tools, art and sounds allowing someone without the associated skill to grab what they need and get building.  It’s even possible to browse the store without having Unity installed, I’ve provided the link below. Another great reason beginners should choose Unity is that there are ample tutorials available directly from the Unity creators themselves. These tutorials range from beginner level to expert and they cover all topics of game development. By the time someone completes just a few of them they’ll have enough experience to create something on their own. There are many people who would argue that Game Maker Studio (link below) is the best tool for beginners due to not having to learn a programming language. In reality, making anything complex in Game Maker will require the use of their proprietary language (GML) which in some cases is more difficult to understand than C# or JavaScript. Unity’s benefits go far beyond the community, asset store and tutorials but don’t only take my word on it, install it and see for yourself… well what are you waiting for?




Unity logo: http://www.freelogovectors.net/unity-logo-eps-file-unity3d/

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