This was a project created during Global Game Jam 2016 for the theme Ritual.

Ascension is a 3D game based loosely around the trials of theological ritualism.

This was the first game jam I had ever participated in and I learned more than I could have imagined in the short 48 hours. I enjoyed every minute and I am very excited to go again next year. While we weren’t able to finish in time we still accomplished a lot for a 3 person team.

You can play the browser version of this game by selecting the following link:

*WARNING* Unity’s normal HTML5 windows do not show up as this build was completed back in version 4. Just wait a few seconds and it should load up.

If you prefer to download the .exe you can download it here or from the Global Game Jam site directly:

We ran out of time before we could add in the description of the controls so here they are:


Walk Forward: W
Walk Left: A
Walk Right: D
Walk Backwards: S
Sprint: Shift
Fly: E (E again to return to ground)
Action button: Enter
Camera Controls: Arrow Keys

If you happen to have a game cube controller attached to your PC you can also use that, our programmer added support specifically for it. 🙂

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