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Ascension ?>


  This was a project created during Global Game Jam 2016 for the theme Ritual. Ascension is a 3D game based loosely around the trials of theological ritualism. This was the first game jam I had ever participated in and I learned more than I could have imagined in the short 48 hours. I enjoyed every minute and I am very excited to go again next year. While we weren’t able to finish in time we still accomplished a lot…

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Mountain Ascent ?>

Mountain Ascent

Mountain Ascent was created during the Project and Portfolio III course for Full Sail University. This course used to be named Level design and it should be obvious why. We were to design a game from the ground up while adhering to some strict guidelines as well. In this game you play as a merchant who lives at the end of a beach nestled in the mountains. He hears the news of a cave-in that’s trapped all of the other…

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Galaxy Warrior ?>

Galaxy Warrior

Galaxy Warrior was done for the Programming Foundations II course at Full Sail University. This was one of my favorite courses I’ve taken so far, not only did I learn about programming but I was allowed to show some of my design skill along the way. It can be played by selecting this link or the Galaxy Warrior links at the top and right of this page.