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Net+ Flashcards ?>

Net+ Flashcards

While this isn’t really a game, I did create it in Unity 🙂 I decided to build out a little flash card app that lets users study for the CompTIA Network + certification. Since I’m currently enrolled in a course dedicated to teaching the required topics for the test and I need to study for it I thought this app could help me and others who like to use flash cards. Currently, the app isn’t anything too special but I…

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Neon Knights: Mech Fighter ?>

Neon Knights: Mech Fighter

I participated in my first Ludum Dare game jam ( recently and we were able to complete most of a pretty cool idea we came up with. Neon Knights: Mech Fighter is an 80’s inspired, 2D arena styled game where players pilot Mechs and must battle each other to win 2 out of 3 rounds in a match. While we didn’t quite get as far as we had originally planned we are still pretty proud of the final outcome. In…

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Defender (Atari Remake) ?>

Defender (Atari Remake)

During one of the last months of Full Sail we were assigned teams where we were to choose an old game, recreate the core mechanics then add in our own features. Our team decided to build Defender from the ground up. We had a lot of fun with this project, adding new features like up-gradable skills was very interesting and made the game even more fun to play. You can play the browser version of this game by selecting the…

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Resonance ?>


Resonance was created for Global Game Jam 2017 for the theme Waves. Your body is made out of sound waves. You can defeat enemies by matching their natural resonance, but mainly you’re just slaughtering wine glasses because they’re in the way. My 2nd Global Game Jam experience was much better than the first. Like last year, I decided to work in a small group which allowed us to communicate our thoughts easily because a discussion wasn’t needed for every single…

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Conspiracy Theory ?>

Conspiracy Theory

Conspiracy Theory is a 3D isometric puzzle game that requires players to quickly come up with solutions since they’re racing against the clock. Player’s control Jim, a conspiracy theorist who’s bent on preventing “big brother” from using cell phones to mind control citizens. They must navigate the office building and avoid office workers who use cell phones that emit deadly, mind controlling radiation. If Jim collect’s too much radiation he’ll have a mental breakdown and end up having to fight…

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Ascension ?>


  This was a project created during Global Game Jam 2016 for the theme Ritual. Ascension is a 3D game based loosely around the trials of theological ritualism. This was the first game jam I had ever participated in and I learned more than I could have imagined in the short 48 hours. I enjoyed every minute and I am very excited to go again next year. While we weren’t able to finish in time we still accomplished a lot…

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Mountain Ascent ?>

Mountain Ascent

Mountain Ascent was created during the Project and Portfolio III course for Full Sail University. This course used to be named Level design and it should be obvious why. We were to design a game from the ground up while adhering to some strict guidelines as well. In this game you play as a merchant who lives at the end of a beach nestled in the mountains. He hears the news of a cave-in that’s trapped all of the other…

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Galaxy Warrior ?>

Galaxy Warrior

Galaxy Warrior was done for the Programming Foundations II course at Full Sail University. This was one of my favorite courses I’ve taken so far, not only did I learn about programming but I was allowed to show some of my design skill along the way. It can be played by selecting this link or the Galaxy Warrior links at the top and right of this page.