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Orcs of Blackleaf Forest (WIP) ?>

Orcs of Blackleaf Forest (WIP)

I wanted to start getting some updates out there about this rather ambitious project I’m working on. Orcs of Blackleaf Forest is a turn based strategy game where players must defeat the humans who have invaded the Orc’s forest. So far this is a solo project so updates will be slow to come. I’ve built the camera system, a test level, the grid system and have started working on movement. There is a ton of work left to be done…

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PAX East 2016 ?>

PAX East 2016

This past weekend I ventured up to Boston, MA where I experienced my first ever trip to the annual Penny Arcade Expo (PAX). If you’ve never heard of PAX it’s basically a 3 day long massive convention for gamers of all types. I believe there were around 80,000 attendees this year. There are panels and talks along with an expo hall where both AAA and indie studios set up booths and show off their latest games. Most booths give away some…

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A Quick Look Into Unity For Beginners ?>

A Quick Look Into Unity For Beginners

There are currently hundreds of game engines available but how would someone know which one is the best for a developer who is just starting out? I’d like to take the time and explain why Unity makes learning game development very easy. Unity was released in 2005 and as with any thing that’s been kicking around for that long there has been a massive community built around it. This means that any issues that a developer may run into have…

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Custom Gaming PC Building ?>

Custom Gaming PC Building

Building PC’s is one of my favorite hobbies, it’s something I strongly enjoy so I decided to write about it here and detail my current rig. I’ll start by describing the “tiers” of computers. At the bottom of the list is generally anything you can purchase from a box store such as Walmart or OfficeMax. These machines are priced very competitively and the hardware inside is generally at least up to par with the current standards. These types of machines…

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Started an Online Portfolio ?>

Started an Online Portfolio

This is my first attempt at a website and so far I think it’s going pretty well. I’m not looking for it to be the number one searched site, I just wanted to have somewhere convenient to post all of my work. It’s my goal to post projects, completed or otherwise to this site and as I work on different things I’ll try to post updates on their progression. If you have any feedback please shoot me an email or…

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