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Week 14 Steam Greenlight ?>

Week 14 Steam Greenlight

We have some huge news this week! We’ve put our game on Steam Greenlight! If you’re reading this, you probably already knew that but just in case you didn’t here’s a link to the page: The initial comments that were coming in made us realize that people very much wished it was a co-op game so I got to work on adding that feature in immediately. I’m proud to announce that we now have co-op mode as well as the normal…

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Week 12 and 13 ?>

Week 12 and 13

So it’s been a bit since I’ve last posted an update on our progress with Above. We had spring break a couple of weeks ago and we’ve sort of been playing catch-up ever since. Most of the work we’ve been doing has been fixing bugs. There were (and still are) a lot so we’ve been pretty dedicated to smoothing them out as best as we can, as quickly as we can. Visually there isn’t a lot of new material to…

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Week 11 Levels 7-9 ?>

Week 11 Levels 7-9

This week was our last week of building new levels. Everything from here on out will be testing, fixing bugs and polish. That’s a pretty big milestone and I’m excited to have gotten this far and to still have a month and a half left to clean up the game. Our team is still anxiously waiting to find out if we were selected as finalists to the TERMINUS conference and even if we aren’t we’re still planning on launching the…

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Week 10 Levels 4-6 Continued ?>

Week 10 Levels 4-6 Continued

This week we continued to polish up levels 4, 5 and 6 and we worked on several other pieces of the game too. In fact there were so many changes it almost doesn’t seem like the same game. You may have already watched the video I created to submit to the TERMINUS conference’s game competition, if not you can see it here: I also created a new video to show off what I worked on this week which can be…

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TERMINUS Conference Submission ?>

TERMINUS Conference Submission

Our team submitted Above: The Fallen to the 2017 TERMINUS film and game conference in Atlanta. If we’re chosen as finalists we’ll be able to show the game off at the conference and we’ll be competing for some awesome prizes. Here’s the video we sent in.

Week 9 Levels 4-6 ?>

Week 9 Levels 4-6

Unfortunately, I’m unable to continue creating WebGL builds of the game as we’ve just integrated Wwise (a tool for sound effects) into our project files and it doesn’t support Web builds. Instead I’ve opted to record some of the game play from this past week. Please check out the video below and let me know what you think! Here’s the link in case the embedded video isn’t working: We have less than a week to go until we submit Above…

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Week 7 Levels 1-3 Continued ?>

Week 7 Levels 1-3 Continued

This past week was spent working on polishing up and adding to our first set of levels. We also dedicated a lot of time to play testing to get some initial feedback about Above. We had a lot of great feedback come in and we were able to fix a few things that players found difficult, for example adding specific directions about what buttons to push by showing pop ups as the player walks the characters through the tutorial. The tutorial…

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Week 7 Levels 1-3 ?>

Week 7 Levels 1-3

I’m happy to announce that we’ve been allowed to start building out our levels for the final version of the game and 2 weeks ahead of schedule too! This past week we were busy building out our ideas for the first 3 levels and the tutorial of the game. As you can see we’ve been replacing most of our temporary assets with artwork and the game is starting to feel like it’s coming together nicely. I worked on the tutorial…

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Week 6 Puzzle Experiments Continued ?>

Week 6 Puzzle Experiments Continued

Another week down, another set of puzzle experiments completed. Just like last week that was our main focus again and because of the progress we’ve made we’ve been given the “go-ahead” to start working on our final level design ideas. The goal of creating these puzzles was not only for us to build drafts of puzzles that may end up in the final version of the game but also to get us playing with, testing and utilizing our game’s mechanics…

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Art Update 2 ?>

Art Update 2

Environment art has started to roll in. The whole team is very excited about this work created by Matthew Sahakian.

Week 5 Puzzle Experiments ?>

Week 5 Puzzle Experiments

So this week we all spent the majority of our time building interesting puzzles that we could potentially use in the final version of the game. I had a hard time coming up with ideas for fun interactions at first but it wasn’t long before I had so many ideas bouncing around that I had to create different areas in my work space and scene dedicated to each. The idea that I stuck with was a “Target Practice” level. I…

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