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Art Update 2 ?>

Art Update 2

Environment art has started to roll in. The whole team is very excited about this work created by Matthew Sahakian.

Week 5 Puzzle Experiments ?>

Week 5 Puzzle Experiments

So this week we all spent the majority of our time building interesting puzzles that we could potentially use in the final version of the game. I had a hard time coming up with ideas for fun interactions at first but it wasn’t long before I had so many ideas bouncing around that I had to create different areas in my work space and scene dedicated to each. The idea that I stuck with was a “Target Practice” level. I…

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Week 4 Feature Build ?>

Week 4 Feature Build

This week the project really started to come together. We built a mini level that has a bit of everything in it and we have the player run through each of the sections in order to experience some of the unique features and mechanics we’ve implemented so far. I spent most of my time this week debugging and building a couple of new features. I built the off screen character tracker arrows which point and follow which ever character is…

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Week 3 Feature Build ?>

Week 3 Feature Build

This week I built the save/load system, camera shake, corrected/smoothed the camera movement and started play testing / searching for bugs. The save system uses checkpoints and saves the level, characters position and any skills that they’ve unlocked. This is a pretty simple system that allows players to continue where they left off or create a new game altogether. I found and fixed several bugs including being able to push carried objects through walls, characters speed not decreasing while walking…

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Week 2 Feature Build ?>

Week 2 Feature Build

2 weeks in now! (okay a little more, I’m late posting this update) The 2nd week of development went by lightning quick. It was a straight out 60+ hour dev-fest for myself and I think a majority of my team-mates put in just as much work. We added a ton of new features and even went back and worked on a few from last week. The game is really coming along at a fast pace and I’m very excited to…

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Week 1 Feature Build ?>

Week 1 Feature Build

It’s been 1 week since our team has started building out the features for the game. We spent well over 200 hours between the 6 of us this week alone on only about half of our total features. Here’s what we completed this past week: Dual character¬†basic movement controls Carry-able blocks Drag-able blocks Doors and 2 types of switches Climbable vines Thorn obstacles The basic mechanics of the boss The camera logic Character energy drain/charge with basic UI All in…

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Defender (Atari Remake) ?>

Defender (Atari Remake)

During one of the last months of Full Sail we were assigned teams where we were to choose an old game, recreate the core mechanics then add in our own features. Our team decided to build Defender from the ground up. We had a lot of fun with this project, adding new features like up-gradable skills was very interesting and made the game even more fun to play. You can play the browser version of this game by selecting the…

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Resonance ?>


Resonance was created for Global Game Jam 2017 for the theme Waves. Your body is made out of sound waves. You can defeat enemies by matching their natural resonance, but mainly you’re just slaughtering wine glasses because they’re in the way. My 2nd Global Game Jam experience was much better than the first. Like last year, I decided to work in a small group which allowed us to communicate our thoughts easily because a discussion wasn’t needed for every single…

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Above Game Design Document Version 1.0 ?>

Above Game Design Document Version 1.0

This is where the magic of design iteration happens, right here in the GDD. If you haven’t seen the pitch video yet you should. After watching it come take a look at this document and you’ll see how much our ideas have evolved and how everything we’ve designed has come directly from the core vision of the game. Download the PDF file .  

Character Concept Art ?>

Character Concept Art

Here’s some character concept art created by Matthew Sahakian.

Above Concept Pitch ?>

Above Concept Pitch

A few months ago, as part of the Game Design degree program at Full Sail University, we were asked to create a pitch for a game that we would be creating during the capstone project during the last 5 months of school. These pitches went through a green-light process conducted by a panel of Full Sail instructors. At the start of this month we were assigned teams and were allowed to pick through the green lit games. Our team chose…

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